Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Player

Reader Jeff Stanley has come across this poster of a film "The Player," featuring Minnesota Fats. I have never seen the film myself, and neither has Jeff. He was wondering if anybody out there has a copy.

Jeff also has come across eight lobby cards from the film. "I don't know if this is the full set, I hope so," writes Jeff about the lobby cards.

"I have only seen one of the cards for sale before and was amazed when I saw all 8 for sale. To tell the truth, the guy didn't really know what he had. So I grabbed them."


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff
Noticed your post & thought I'd reply. I have a poster myself & had Fat's authgraph it for me. I am "t belle" as for the cards, a great find hang on to them.
Have a good day
Mrs. Fts'

Austin said...

Any word on whether a copy of this film was ever dredged up?

My father was in the film (alive on the left, dead on the right), and I have been searching for a copy for some time.