Friday, April 24, 2009

White Shoes and a Black Caddy

Kentucky resident Ian Joslyn writes:

A few years ago, when I was in high school I was looking around on ebay and found a 1980 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo. I looked at the types of cars all the time because I love the old Cadillacs. The Fleetwood is my favorite. What really caught my eye was the fact that it was advertised as Minnesota Fats' car. This was of interest to me because I love to play pool. I play even more now than I did then. Well I showed it to my parents and said I would really like to have it. Knowing that I would probably never get it I kind of forgot about it. With out my knowledge my mom contacted the owner and bought the car. She went to Nashville Tn, which is a few hours southeast of Paducah KY, where we live, a few month later and picked up the car. They current owner of the car and Minnesota Fats' second wife T-Bell was there to greet her. The took some pictures and she brought the car home. It was given to me the night before my senior prom. I have now owned the car for about 2 years. I thought you might be interested to see the pictures of this car. I also own a pair of Minnesota Fats' shoes from the seventies.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan
This is T, Nice story & I'm glad you're enjoying the car. I'm not seeing the picture's your mom & grandmother took the day they bought the car. Those would be good to let everyone see. The white shoes, I don't believe I have ever seen those, you know there is alot of people out there claiming to have thing's that aren't really what they say. So please be careful before you buy. I bought this car for Fats'' myself in 1992 as a gift. He always loved a caddlllac. He didn't have a valid license so thats the reason it was never registered in his name but in mine. Just a little info for you.He love riding in it to the Palace. Well take care & if you would like to see another car that was registered to him I have it & would gladly show it to you & you could add picture's to your collection. Of course it's another
Have a great day & pass a hello on to your Mom.

IJOSLYN said...

I have really enjoyed the car. I took it to a car show yesterday. I always attracts a crowd everywhere I take it. I have found four other 1980 Cadillac Limousines that are still around. I have found another college student in Canada who is restoring a 1980 Cadillac limo. I am sure the shoes I have found are real. I questioned the seller in Carbondale IL quite thoroughly about the history of the shoes. I would love to see another one of his cars. And I am always interested in seeing any old Cadillac. -Ian

IJOSLYN said...

I would put up the picture of you and my grandma, but I am not computer smart enough to get the paper copy into the computer and still have it look good.

Leonard Okoth said...

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